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Experiential Learning & Creativity

As children we learn by experimenting and from making mistakes. We retain what we have learnt as we remember what it looked liked and how it felt. The work environment seldom lets us experiment in the same way – we often have to get it right first time and take fewer risks. We tend not to access all the quadrants of our brain and concentrate on our favoured area.

We will help you to access the creative areas to:

  • encourage ideas formulation
  • new ways of working
  • develop a creative culture in the workplace
  • Creativity can transform you, your team and your organisation
  • Try this out - See if you can make a hole in a piece of A4 paper large enough for you to fit your body through but keeping it as a continuous loop. Email me if you need help with the solution

Our creative approach to learning allows clients to explore issues in a different way. By looking at things from another perspectives and using creative techniques to express thoughts, this will help to release an individual’s potential for problem solving and decision-making.

Creativity and experiential learning is fun and energetic and this way of working can be maintained in the workplace. The use of the outdoor learning environment and a range of different mediums enhance our creative ability.

With experiential learning comes the importance of transferring the learning to the situation at hand. We will help you and your teams to review the learning, action plan and monitor progress.