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Leadership & Change Agent Development

Many of the skills listed earlier on the skills development page are those required of effective leaders and change agents. We also provide tailored programmes to support leaders in:

  • styles and theories about leadership (transformational, transactional and the spirit of leadership)
  • developing a sense of vision and strategy for the future
  • understanding change – the human aspects
  • establishing values and a culture for change
  • leading your team
  • handling performance issues
  • increasing self awareness and appreciation of difference

Our understanding of the client’s environment and agenda is key in helping to support you in the leadership and change agent roles.

As leaders you need to understand both yourself and others – to go far you have to know who you are and what and why you are doing what you do. You need to appreciate how others are motivated, what skills they have, their aspirations and how they like to work. In addition you need to scan the horizon, know what other organisations are doing, future trends, the political agenda and be able to work in partnership with others.

To do all this, you are likely to need support and development yourself – no one is perfect and there is always more to learn.

As change agents you need to be able to embrace change and take others with you as smoothly as possible. People can be in different places during change and need different things – the secret is to know what these are and support appropriately with understanding, clear direction and inspiring leadership.

We will share theory and practice with you in a dynamic way to ensure you give your best for the benefit of yourself, your team and your business.