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Team Building

“A team is greater that the sum of its parts”

Getting the best out of people to help achieve business results is generally our aim in team building. Effective teamwork requires clarity of: vision, objectives, and roles as well as excellent communication at all levels. It also relies on an understanding of each other’s strengths and development areas, the appreciation and use of difference and a culture of openness and trust.

The image of a rowing team working in complete harmony with a clear purpose, skilled leadership heading for Olympic gold, is a powerful reminder of what organisations need to strive for in its teams.

Our approach to team building can:

  • diagnose a team’s strengths and weaknesses and develop skills
  • revitalise a team
  • provide a flying start for a newly established team
  • keep developing high performing teams
  • explore difficulties in the team, problem solve and identify solutions
  • encourage co-operation, sharing of information and feelings
  • stimulate leadership and creativity

We use a range of activities and methods to enable effective teamwork. These include:

  • combining theory about teams and groups with practice, relating to real
    issues facing the team
  • use of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to identify tendencies and
    characteristics about individuals in teams and work areas the team will seek and avoid
  • use of the outdoor learning environment, which provides an immediacy of
    experience and encourages creativity
  • undertaking and reflecting on the implications of 360ºfeedback processes
    for the team
  • indoor or outdoor practical problem solving activities

We will encourage teams to undertake regular reviews to check on performance and apply systems and processes that are sustainable.